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ipad™ is excited to have you as our customer. Below is a list of FAQ's that may help you navigate through the cloud. Should you need further navigation please contact our support team via the information below and a ipad™ expert will be glad to further assist you

Can I access my files from any device?
Answer: Yes, since ipad is a mobile friendly site, it will work on all devices.

Do you have a native app for your ipad service?
Answer: In development, Coming Soon.

What is the preferred way of payment?
Answer: Any Major Credit Card and/or Paypal.

Do you have auto-renew or do you have to renew manually for paid subscriptions?
Answer: Payment options will insure auto renewal unless you opt for other options.

How do I know my files are safe and secure?
Answer: All files are located within a secure environment and are monitored daily for any platform enhancements.

I forgot my username and/or password?
Answer: click on forgot username/password.

How do I share a file or files with someone?
Answer: By inviting them to share with you via email address.

Can I have more than 500 Gigs of storage?
Answer: Yes, please contact our sales and support team for customer pricing opportunities via email: sales@rxdmedia.com.

Can I join without a credit card or PayPal account?
Answer: Yes, only for the free version.

What if I am unhappy with your service?
Answer: Please contact our support team with any concerns about the service being provided via email sales@rxdmedia.com.

Will I get alerts a few days before my monthly subscription expires or renews.
Answer: No, automatic renewal with a 30 day cancelation required.

What happens to my files if I cancel?
Answer: You will be given 90 days to relocate the content before it is deleted permanently.

Can I share files through social media?
Answer: Yes, when you select on your file, options appear for sharing outside of ipad cloud.

Can You share files together?
Answer: Yes, you can choose which people by inviting them to share to you.

Do you submit my information to any third parties?
Answer: No, it will remain confidential with us.

When I upgrade in storage, will the upgrade happen automatically?
Answer: You must first refresh after payment, if that does not work, then log out and log back in.

Do I need to Join to take advantage of the Free (Bronze) Account?
Answer: Yes

How do I access the Free Digital Organizer?
Answer: By Joining ipad, it comes Free with any level of account.

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